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Join the Gyre Movement

Joining the Gyre open-access movement

Our mission: Empower Every Team

Our dream is a world where every team has access to top-notch development. To help team leaders create teams that bond strong performance with personal growth and learning.  

To help create a world of people willing to lead, confident in their direction and motivated to develop. And workplaces where people can be at their best, helping those around them be their best, and their organisation to fulfil its potential.

Face to face coaching with a great coach works, but it is expensive and hard to access, meaning that the majority miss out.  A different kind of solution is needed if workplaces are going to change. 

So we developed Gyre to make team and leadership development accessible for anyone who wants to shape their own future and support their colleagues. 

The Foundations of Gyre

The foundations of Gyre grew from the work of Arabella Ellis and Mark Loftus and the team at The Thinking Partnership, one of the UK’s pre-eminent organisation development consultancies. 

Mark and Arabella are Chartered psychologists who have been guiding teams for more than 25 years, week-in, week-out, drawing on the best of scientific research to inform their practice. Sitting alongside people helping them grapple with challenges, complexity and opportunities. Helping them grow and develop personally and  helping them play their part in creating high performing teams.

Their key insights?

  1. Everyone has a leadership contribution to make - to help make the team they are working in a healthier, happier and more productive one: teams are inclusive environments.

  2. Everyone can develop - they simply need access to the tools and support that will guide their desire to be their best self.

  3. For most people development is delivered too late: people need access to great development right from the start of their working lives. 

Psychology meets AI Technology

We drew on all of our experience, psychological insight and the scientific research to design the Gyre development journeys and provide team leaders and their teams with step-by-step, level-by-level guidance on becoming a great team. The rigour of our approach is important: you need to know that you can trust Gyre. 

Add into this mix the power of Generative AI  and it means we can now provide you with customised insights, getting closer to the experience of having an experienced coach alongside you, accessible whenever you need it. 

Open to all

The next step? 

We have made Gyre open to all, whether you’re an experienced scrum master, senior business leader, or first time team lead. 

We want to remove barriers to high-quality development, creating inclusion for all without cost concerns. Meaning that you can confidently get the best from the diversity in your team and right across your organisation.

A Movement of Shared Growth

We are inspired by the ethos of Open-Source Software and dedicated to sharing knowledge and fostering a common language for team leadership and team diversity. 

We want Gyre to be more than a tool. For us, it's a commitment to helping create a collective journey. 

So this is our invitation: join us and become part of a community that thrives on open collaboration and shared success.


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