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for Unlimited Growth

Open to all

Gyre is open to all, whether you’re an experienced scrum master, senior business leader, or first time team lead. 

We want to remove barriers to high-quality development, creating inclusion for all without cost concerns. Meaning that you can confidently get the best from the diversity in your team and right across your organisation.

Our Mission: Empower Every Team

Our dream is a world where every team has access to top-notch development tools. To help team leaders create teams that bond strong performance with personal growth and learning.

And workplaces where people can be at their best, helping those around them be their best, and their organisation to fulfil its potential.

A Movement of Shared Growth

We are inspired by the ethos of Open-Source Software and dedicated to sharing knowledge and fostering a common language for team leadership and team diversity. 

We want Gyre to be more than a tool. For us, it's a commitment to helping create a collective journey. 

Join us and become part of a community that thrives on open collaboration and shared success.

Embark on Your Gyre Journey Today

Step into the world of open-access, science-based team development.


Sign up now and unlock your team potential.

  • Who funds Gyre?
    Access to the Gyre platform is free. We make money by customers buying services from us. Find out more here about the Gyre services and the difference we can make to your business.
  • Will Gyre remain Open Access?
    Our intention is to remain Open Access because it’s the most effective way to pursue our mission. We may in future introduce some paid-for premium features, particularly those which depend on OpenAI and hence on their pricing model.
  • Is my data secure?
    Gyre operates to the highest standards of data and information security. We are proud to be ISO27001 and CyberSecurity Plus certified. All of your information and data in the Gyre platform is end-to-end encrypted. We don’t sell your data. We do run anonymised aggregated analyses to enable us to understand the themes across the Gyre data set and to improve our User’s experience of the Gyre platform. More details are in our Terms of Use.
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