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Integration for Slack

Connect Gyre to Slack
What is a integration for Slack?

Integrate development updates with your internal communication channels to share your successes. 

By receiving regular updates in Slack on your team’s progress, you’ll help create a sense of shared purpose and commitment towards team and personal development.

Receive updates in Slack  

Receive Team Outcome, Viewpoints and Develop updates in your chosen Slack channel for whichever Team in the Gyre platform you wish to connect them to.

Setting up your integration for Slack

Receive daily updates on progress your team has made in Gyre to a specific channel in Slack.

1. Log into your Gyre account and click the ‘Let’s go!’ button on your chosen team

2. From your Team Dashboard, click on the ⚙ Settings icon

3. Click on the ‘Add to Slack’ button

4. You’ll then be prompted to sign into Slack, choose a channel and click Allow

5. You’ll receive an instant notification to your Slack channel confirming it’s set up!

Contact the Gyre team if you need any guidance

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