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The Gyre Platform

Where intention becomes action. Enhance your team's performance.
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Getting started is simple

gyre platform foundations pathway

Register and you’ll be taken to the Gyre Foundations Pathway, onboarding you to Gyre

gyre platform strengths mapping

Map your Strengths and access Gyre’s first personalized Leadership Insights for you

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Gyre platform team lead area

Create a new team and you'll land in our Team Lead Area. Gyre Team Lead Levels guide you to your first Milestone and beyond

set up a team
gyre team dashboard

Onboard your team once you’re confident in the value Gyre will bring

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open access

Gyre is Open-Access

Gyre is open to all, whether you’re an experienced scrum master, senior business leader, or first time team lead. 

We want to remove barriers to high-quality development, creating inclusion for all without cost concerns. Meaning that you can confidently get the best from the diversity in your team and right across your organisation.

The science shows that high performance teamwork delivers these uplifts


Less Stress


Less Burnout


More Productivity


More Engagement

Benefits of using Gyre

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Increase the reliability of your business goal delivery

Feel confident in who you are as a leader and how you lead

Benefit from enhanced innovation and creativity

Tie team development and team performance together like the strands of a rope

Increase your people's motivation and engagement while building improved psychological safety

Who is Gyre for?

Tomorrow's Team Leader

If you're a forward-thinking team leader, open to exploring new horizons but whose touchstone is ‘will it  have a practical impact?’ Gyre is for you.

Not a Team Leader?

Gyre is for you too! We have a dedicated personal journey which brings you value in a matter of minutes.

Whether you're in it for your own self development or want to quickly create a project team on the fly - Gyre can help.

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team member reports

What's in the platform?

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Where Psychology meets AI Technology

Gyre harnesses the power of advanced AI, including ChatGPT, to provide you with customised insights, helping you understand and leverage your unique team dynamics.

Lead with precision and foster a culture where diversity is celebrated and every member thrives.

Transform Your Team Today

Embark on Your Gyre Journey

Step into the world of open-access, science-based team development. Sign up now and unlock your team potential.

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Gyre is proud to maintain the highest standards of Data Security with ISO27001 certification. Your data is safe with us.

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Share your Gyre journey and connect with others using #GyreTeams on social media.

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